“When the Earth Slept”

“When the Earth Slept”

Picture Created by Melissa Wooten Art

In addition to being mother, life coach, reiki practitioner and yoga instructor, I am obsessed with literature and an avid writer. I am pleased to announce that I have written a children’s book and am currently pre-selling copies to be distributed upon publication. Read below for a synopsis and excerpt from my story or visit my BLOG to read the entire thing. To pre-order your copy, click HERE.

When the Earth Slept is an illustrated children’s fiction book promoting environmental awareness and respect for the Earth. It offers an alternative viewpoint to children and adults to understand the current situation of Covid-19. The story uses fantasy to make sense of the reality that surrounds us right now in the world.

After countless years of enduring the burden of supporting all living organisms, the Earth becomes very sick. Her fever causes wildfires, her chills create countless earthquakes, and her sneezing and cough become hurricanes and tornadoes that ravage the world as we know it. In a final plea to get the rest that she needs, the Earth turns to the people and asks them to go inside and close their doors and give her the gift of time. After much hesitation, they finally agree, and a heavy silence falls as the Earth drifts off to slumber. As time passes the people begin to fear that the Earth will never wake up, and so they decide to go outside and dance. They hope that the drumming will ease her from her slumber, but it does not. They are forced to dance harder and harder until finally, they forget why they are dancing in the first place, lost as they are in their own joy. From experiencing their joy, the Earth begins to heal. As she heals, the people also heal. Together they wake up and create a new world where they learn from one another and find a mutual respect.

I hope that, in writing this story, I will encourage the reader to view the current state of the environment through a lens of possibility. It offers a bright and hopeful vantage point that is so imperative to counter the fear that much of the world is currently experiencing. It also provides both children and adults alike an opportunity to recognize their own responsibility in actively making choices that will positively impact the Earth. I truly hope that you enjoy it. Here is excerpt from the book:

“Then a heavy silence fell over the Earth. Gone was the din of cars swooshing past one another on the roadways. Gone were the sounds of jet engines roaring overhead. Gone was the clanging of hammers and the growl of power tools as construction came to a halt. The Earth took a deep breath in and let a giant exhale out as she settled in to nap.  She was lulled to sleep by only the sounds of the birds chirping, and the crickets playing lovely tunes; the wind whispering through the trees, and the gentle crash of the waves upon empty shores.    

Many suns rose and set, and the moon cycled from new to full and back again. Meanwhile, behind their closed doors, many of the people became restless. They had not yet learned to appreciate the stillness and the quiet.  They were afraid of the unknown; afraid of how long the Earth might sleep. They wondered if they should wake her. They talked together and decided that they should try to.

And so, on a beautiful, early morning, just as the sun was peaking over the horizon, the people went outside and they began to dance. They started slowly at first, hoping that the gentle rhythm of their feet drumming against the Earth would tenderly wake her from her slumber. Still, she slept. The people began to dance faster. Still, she slept. And so, the people began to jump and yell and shake their bodies, twirling in circles and prancing across the Earth. Still, she slept.”