“The second day I met Jillian, I found myself willing to share with her my deepest fears regarding my marriage along with a burst of tears I did not know I was hiding. Pardon the pun but I literally found an Arena where I can trust and let go and feel what I have been suppressing. This took me by surprise because Jillian’s warmth, her infectious enthusiasm, and her trademark killer sense of humor makes her an instant ally on my journey to new possibilities. What I didn’t know then was that when Jillian is in the coach seat, her natural ability to connect with another made me feel safe to go where I dared not to. To work with Jillian is to trust yourself in the hands of someone who honors your past and is a cheerleader of your vision for the future. If you know you want it, you will be brave and give it all you’ve got because you’ll know she’s on your team.”

-Alice Wang, Los Angeles, CA

“Jillian is a strong and compassionate advocate for your personal growth on all levels. She is 200% committed to your success, however you may define it, and makes change seem not only possible, but inspiring. Skillful in her guidance, Jillian’s natural charisma is genuine and heartfelt. Among many other things, she has taught me through example that laughter and self-acceptance are an essential part of healing”

-Sharna Fabiano, Los Angeles, CA

“Jillian is a powerhouse coach and an undeniable future leader in this business. I have experienced her as a woman with boundless energy and optimism, as well as a compassionate and intuitive guide with deep listening skills. Her warmth and strength provide an anchor to all who find themselves in a rapidly changing sea of thought and emotion. Her commitment to her clients is obvious because you always feel she is with you fully, no matter how difficult or challenging your issues may be. I can, at once, be completely myself with Jillian and explore new inner territory I never thought possible.”

-Amy Kessler, Los Angeles, CA

“As a sports chiropractor, I often treat patients with limited flexibility, mobility, and core strength. Jillian Arena is a talented yoga instructor that has developed specific routines to help these ailing patients. Her infectious personality paired with her unique ability to modify poses to ensure each person experiences the full benefits, make her an invaluable asset to any practice. Jillian’s yoga workshops have received tremendous feedback at my practice. When patients need one-on-one help, she offers private yoga classes that also vary based on specific doctor/patient health goals.”

-Dr. Brandon Nevel, Sport & Spinal Rehab

“I have worked with Jillian in both the capacity of a Life Coach, and that of a Personal Yoga Instructor. What can I say? She is just a pleasure to work with. Jillian is full of energy and enthusiasm for what she does and for life and is always going the extra mile to make sure she has exceeded your personal expectations. Jillian was a great coach AND teacher, making it easy to follow and to learn poses. I now feel much better prepared to take classes and to begin my own practice thanks to all her guidance. Simply the best!

-Susan Robinson, Boynton Beach, FL

“Jillian is extremely present and focused in coaching sessions and picks up on things quickly. She knows when to be easy on me, but also when I need to keep pressing forward. She shows great strengths in her focus, presence, and intuition and offers positive insights that have helped me to develop a greater sense of self and make some serious changes in my life.”

-Sima Stuve, Jupiter, FL

“I have taken several private classes from Jillian and each time is better than the last. I leave our sessions feeling stronger, energized, and with a sense of mindfulness and clarity. She is very skillful in her approach.”

-Jocelyn Edick, Jupiter, FL

“I attended one of Jillian’s partner yoga workshops. The class was both fun and informative. My body felt so relaxed after the class and I walked away with a wealth of knowledge. She is truly gifted and I look forward to our next session!”

-Jodi Hansing, North Palm Beach, FL

“I’m an ex-college athlete with bad knees and zero flexibility. A friend invited me to check out Jillian’s yoga class and as most, especially being a guy, I was a bit nervous and unsure if I could do it. However, my experience was great! Jillian was very patient with the group, while keeping us engaged. Given that it was partner yoga, there was lots of laughing! She provided alternative techniques to use should you have bad knees (like me), or other injuries. She is very understanding and makes for a fantastic yoga instructor. I will continue doing my yoga no matter what!”

-Keenan White, Jupiter, FL

“I am a typical guy who always avoided yoga classes. But, after taking Jillian’s class, I have found a new respect for it. Her class was a blast and I look forward to many more!”

-Ryan Hutchins, North Palm Beach, FL

 “Jillian is absolutely awesome to work with.  She offers great insights as to the root of the issues you are experiencing and offers an abundant amount of resolution techniques.  I came closer to fixing my issue with one 60-minute conversation with her than I have in 4 years of dealing with it myself.  I would definitely recommend her to anybody who is looking to make change.  She offers extremely friendly and knowledgeable advice with no judgement whatsoever.”

-Jonathan Toribio

“Jillian is a force! Intelligent, kind, balanced, compassionate, insightful and intuitive she is a conduit for positive change. She helps clients unlock their true potential by utilizing the right blend of being tough by holding her clients accountable while also being flexible, allowing them to uncover truths on their own time. She guides each client through the challenges that hold them back, and provides real, tangible tools and strategies to unlock positive change and true potential.”

-Julia DuVal from Denver, CO

“There are some rare people you meet, and you just know with every fiber of your being that they are a good, incredible person. One of those people without a doubt is Jillian. She has a warmth about her that just radiates and makes you feel comfortable around her, it’s obvious that she truly cares about you and your well being. I was lucky enough to take her 12-week course so that I could find and transform into my best true self. She guides and pushes you each week to help you figure out which parts of you are off balance and helps you to realign yourself and find your true inner light. It will not always be easy, but it will surely be worth it.

I highly recommend Jillian. Let her help you become your best self. You will not regret it. 
Ignite your light, change your life.”

-Lauren Stout from Jupiter, FL

If you change your thinking, you can change your life. 🙂 Jillian guides you through this journey with excitement and compassion. She creates a space where one can explore themselves and discover limiting beliefs one may have. She provides many tools that one can use to prepare for their individual guide through the Chakra system. With her assistance I was able to make life changing thought processes through out many area’s of my life in a short amount of time. The transformation that you go through will be used as a guide and for continuing growth for the rest of your life. I highly recommend Jillian!!!

-Tim McCoobery from Jupiter, FL

Jillian has a passionate and caring spirit, and is dedicated to helping people live their best lives. She will go the extra mile to uncover the limiting beliefs blocking your progress, and fearlessly help you knock them all down. Call her! Today!”

-Noel Nickerson from Jupiter, FL

“My experience as a client of Jillian’s was nothing short of incredible.  Her listening skills, compassion and intuition along with her supportive, challenging demeanor helped me in immeasurable ways.  She helped me honestly confront obstacles to my personal growth, whether it be baggage from the past or anxieties about the future and guided to me towards a better understanding of the limiting beliefs that I was allowing to keep myself stuck.  One by one, we made progress in reorienting certain habits of thinking to a more positive, productive and healthy alternative.  Jillian takes you through some tough blockages and never leaves your side.  She is reassuring throughout and her wit and kindness give you the strength to power through.  The result is a refreshing release from the weight of what was being unnecessarily carried around for years.  I am forever grateful.”

-Peter Rizzi from Monroe, NJ