Reiki Hands-Free Energy Healing

Reiki Hands-Free Energy Healing


Experience the Power of Touch-Free Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki has been around for over a century now.  It helps many people alleviate stress, tension, pain, depression, and energetic blocks within their bodies.  It is a simple method of alternative healing which you can easily pair with your traditional medical care.  Everybody has the power within them to heal! Through study, training, and practice, this natural healing ability shines through and can be shared with the world.

I will admit, I was a skeptic of energy healing when it was first presented to me.  However, upon receiving a  treatment myself, I became curious.  My lower back pain was quickly and efficiently alleviated when nothing else had worked.  My curiosity eventually led me to seek out a training and I have never questioned its power or validity since.

Reiki is fully relaxing and literally anybody and everybody can benefit from it.  In fact, I often use the techniques I have learned to calm down my children and help them to fall asleep peacefully at night.  They adore their sessions and beg me to do them.  Reiki does not conflict with any religious beliefs or mindsets and will not interfere with other healing modalities.  It is purely an expression of love, healing, and compassion offered by the practitioner and received by the client.

How Does it Work?

My particular version of Reiki does not involve any touch.  Instead, I send energy from a few inches above the body, making it completely non-invasive.  Depending on the needs and desires of my client, I may incorporate crystals, incense, oils and/or soothing music into a session.  If you’ve ever heard of Reiki and are wondering how it might benefit you, contact me today and give it try.  You just may find that it’s a practice you wish you’d found years ago, much like I did.  To learn more about my credentials and training visit my Home Page.  To learn more about Reiki and its history, CLICK HERE to connect to The International Center for Reiki Training.

Interested in learning more about Reiki or taking your interest to the next level?  Join me from September 6 – September 8 to get certified as a Level 1 and 2 Reiki Practitioner.  Click HERE to learn more and to register!  Space is limited!!