Health & Wellness Coaching

Health & Wellness Coaching



I am extremely passionate about the link between the mind, the body, and the spirit.  Because of this, I work with many of my clients to help them achieve optimum wellness within their physical bodies as a health and wellness coach. Weight loss and becoming healthy and fit go far deeper than just changing your diet and getting more exercise.

At its deepest level, becoming truly healthy means changing your relationship with yourself.

Everybody deserves to feel good about their bodies!  Everybody deserves to love the skin that they are in!  Unfortunately, we live in a society that seems content with showing us what is WRONG with us, instead of drawing our attention to what is RIGHT.

You ARE beautiful, you ARE strong, and you DO have the power to make positive changes!!

Open to grace

Why is Wellness Coaching Important?

True wellness and weight loss happen in your body when you begin to understand the connection that it has with your mind.  The way that you feel about, think about, and talk about your body has a very real impact on it.  We’ve all heard the saying that your body is your temple.  Religious or not, most of us can appreciate the beauty of a well-constructed temple.  I think we can all agree that we wouldn’t walk into a place of worship and start cursing at the preacher or criticizing the stained glass windows, right?  So, why do we show any less respect for the beautiful temple that houses our soul?

Learning to think, speak and feel differently about your temple is vital if you want to make long-term changes to it.  Working with a wellness coach will help you begin to pinpoint and redirect all of the negative self-chatter that has hijacked your brain and is causing you to battle with your body.  Working out and eating right is naturally important, but fad diets and quick fixes will only do so much if your internal dialogue doesn’t change.

How Does Wellness Coaching Work?

While we will naturally discuss the role that food and exercise are currently playing in your life, true wellness is more than just that.   Together, we will reach far deeper to discover the thoughts and beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your wellness and weight loss goals.  We will then determine what motivates and inspires you to desire change in the first place.  Armed with that information, we can begin to turn those thoughts around.  I will teach you how to transmute your pain, fear, and insecurity into a powerful force that will have you jumping out of bed every morning ready to take on the world.   I will be with you each step of your journey, cheering you on through both the peaks and the valleys and reminding you that nothing is impossible unless you believe it to be. If you have tried and failed at a healthier lifestyle in the past, maybe it’s time to try something different, seek out the source of your limiting behaviors, and rewire the belief system that is holding you back. I am truly thrilled to help you tap into the well of limitless potential that resides within you.

Do I Still Have to Keep Up My Exercise Regime?

This may not be the answer that you are looking for, but absolutely, yes.  True wellness means learning to support all of the components that lead to it.  Bummer?  Not necessarily.  As you begin to love and adore your body in its current condition, you will start to feel excited to do what it takes to keep it healthy and happy.  Your commitment to your own well-being will grow exponentially as you start to identify and turn around the limiting beliefs you have held up until this point.  Your body will begin to respond better as it feels your love and encouragement.  Believe it or not, exercise may even become something you enjoy!  Yes, I actually said that!  You’ve got nothing to lose but a whole bunch of outdated thoughts that are doing you more harm than good!  Put yourself first.


If you still have questions, don’t worry!  I offer free consultations to all of my potential clients. During your call, I would be happy to clarify anything that still feels a bit murky.  You can schedule your consultation by contacting me HERE or calling 561-951-7045.  I’m looking forward to your call.  For ongoing inspiration, visit my blog.



It is important that you, as a Client and/or Prospective Client, understand that no information that you share with me will be shared with any outside parties, unless otherwise specified and agreed upon in the form of written consent.