Beat Anxiety Naturally – 10 Week Program

Beat Anxiety Naturally – 10 Week Program

What is Anxiety?

If you’ve ever suffered from anxiety in any of its many forms, you know that it’s not the most pleasant thing to battle.  Anxiety can show up in different ways for different people.  For some, it surfaces as an impending sense of doom that follows them wherever they go.  For others, it may feel like pressure in the chest, pains in the body, numbness, or tingling.  For others still, it may feel like spinning out of control or losing their grip on reality.  For some people, anxiety is all of these sensations wrapped up together in one, not-so-pretty package.  However you are experiencing anxiety, I want you to know that I completely understand what you are going through because I, too, have gone through it in its various forms.

How Do You Beat Anxiety Naturally?

The cool part about anxiety (yes, believe or not, there’s a cool part) is that if we learn to understand it, we can start to understand why it is showing up and what it is trying to tell us.  Knowledge is power, and this understanding between you and your anxiety is the key to healing it.  Anxiety, even though it has very many real physical symptoms, is a product of your mind and is, therefore, a learned response to whatever your personal triggers are.  Anything learned can be unlearned and this unlearning process is exactly how you beat anxiety naturally.

In this 10-week course, we will work together to get to know and understand your anxiety better than it knows itself.  We will use a variety of modalities to create this connection, including guided meditations, visualization techniques, embodiment exercises, breathing techniques, and journaling, to name a few.  All of these are incredibly useful techniques to beat anxiety naturally.

What Can I Expect?

While you can’t expect to feel perfect after this course (because perfect is the Unicorn and we all have some anxiety in our lives), you can certainly expect to walk away from our work together with a much better understanding of what triggers your anxiety, as well as a whole toolbox of valuable techniques to beat anxiety naturally that you can take with you on the rest of your journey.  You will begin to learn, through trial and error, which of these techniques speak to you in the greatest capacity, while others you may choose to just tuck into the back of your mind for use at a later date.  Either way, you will certainly have a much calmer relationship with your anxiety (and dare I say, perhaps even an appreciation for everything you have learned from it).

The Bottom Line…

The bottom line is that nobody should have to suffer continually from anxiety and there ARE options available to you to beat anxiety naturally.  Your mind and body are powerful things that can absolutely re-create your reality.  You have so much more influence over your own well-being than you may now be aware of.  I’m excited to help you realize that potential so that you can move into a more open, flowing, and loving space.  To learn more about my own personal journey and struggle with anxiety, you can check out my blog HERE.

Group or Private Sessions Available!

The next group coaching session for the 10-week anxiety program begins on Monday, January 27, 2020 from 6PM-8:30PM.  It will be held each subsequent Monday at that time through March 30, 2020.  Sessions will be held at Triad Wellness Center at 609 North Hepburn Avenue, Suite 205 in Jupiter, FL.  To reserve your spot, contact Jillian directly.  Space is limited.


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