Intuitive Balance Challenge

Intuitive Balance Challenge

Are You Ready to Feel More Aligned?


Why Did I Create This Challenge?

If you’re looking to feel happier, lighter, and more connected with how amazing your life is, this is the challenge for you!  I’ve put together this FREE 30-day challenge in an effort to help you connect with the pure, balanced spirit within you that remembers what it is like to feel truly aligned!  Living in a space of balance comes from a combination of thinking more positively, stepping into your creativity,  feeling connected to those around you, and understanding that happiness is your absolute birthright.  This challenge is designed to help you tap into all of these parts of yourself on a deeper level. So, what am I hoping you gain by the end of your 30 days?

  • A sense of lightness as you begin to recognize all of the awesomeness in your world!

  • A greater connection to the people you surround yourself with (and maybe even some strangers, too)!

  • Acknowledgment of how you may be impeding your own sense of balance by ignoring or denying certain important aspects of your life, and the tools to change that dynamic with simple acts.

  • A fresh, positive perspective on the way you perceive the world around you.

  • A chance to win a series of 3 FREE one-on-one video coaching sessions with me, Jillian, in which we will blast through your limiting beliefs and start working towards your personal goals to get you living a life that feels more positive, aligned, and joyful!

“3 FREE COACHING SESSIONS? How do I get that?”

Well, it’s simple! Starting the day after you sign up, you will begin receiving daily emails in your inbox first thing in the morning.  Each of these emails will contain within it a challenge for the day that is geared towards helping you lead a more positive, balanced and fulfilling life. Next, go and like my pages on Instagram and Facebook.  From here, your job is to share a little something about your experience with each day’s challenge.  This might be a picture, a paragraph, or a video describing how it made you feel or what you did!  Post this to your own Instagram or Facebook account, using the hashtag #intuitivebalancechallenge and tag Intuitive Balance Coaching and 2 friends who might benefit from the challenge in the body of your message!  It’s that easy! If you follow through with the entire 30-day Challenge and post each day, you’ll be entered to win. Drawings take place once per quarter.

To learn more about working with me, click HERE!

So How Do I Get Started?

Easy!  All you have to do to get your challenge underway is sign up in the box below!  Before you know it, your first email will arrive and you will be that much closer to connecting deeply to a more balanced sense of self.  I hope that you enjoy it and spread a lot of love and positivity through the process.  Namaste.